Privacy Policy

Wrapped love owns and operates the website and we understand that user is concerned about their privacy and information that they share with different means been on our website. Please read carefully the below section which we cover under Privacy Policies:

Section 1: How we get your information and what we do with it?

While browsing through the website or click on an affiliated link or by contacting us for any query, we collect data from all these sources. We also collect data from cookies and contact column where users directly provide data like name, address, contact details and email id.  The data collected is used for email marketing if provided permission from the user. On subscribing with our services, we will send you emails regarding products of your interest in the future purchase or provide suggestions.

Section 2: Consent and withdrawal of consent

If we reach you for personal information for marketing reasons, you will always be provided with an option to say no for consent. If you opt for subscription only then we will provide you with information for new gifts suggestions or stock through the mail.

If after some time, we recognize that you want to withdraw the services, you can always do that by contacting us through the “contact us” column and discontinue the services at any time.

Section 3: Term for Disclosure 

All the data collected will be secured and will not be disclosed to any third-party until there is no legal notice from the law or you volatile our terms and services. The information provided by you is secured in our database.

Section 4: Third-Party Affiliation

Third-party affiliation which is Amazon for wrapped love will only use the information required for providing their services. There is no misuse of information provided by the customer and the third-party will only be allowed to use information under restrictive parameters, only data required for the particular service.

Furthermore, there are payment gateways and other transaction processors used in this website which is also provided by the third-party affiliation. The information provided for transaction means fall under Amazon privacy policies where they take guarantee of not using any financial information of any user without taking permission of the client. The payment process is secured and there will be no compromise with the confidentiality of the user information.

 However, to understand their privacy policies, we recommend you to read it carefully to understand how they will be handling your personal information from these providers.

If the transaction is performed for a different location, for instance, if the provider is from a different location from you or either us, then the law of the jurisdiction(s) will be performed as per the location of the service provider or from where it is facilitated. Making it clearer if you are performing transaction from India to Canada, the provider being from Canada and gateway provided will follow the law of jurisdiction according to the Canadian trade law, under their Patriot Act.

Additionally, remember if you are directed to any other third-party website, you are no more governed under privacy policies of wrapped love. If you click on a link and get redirected to another third party website, in this case also you will not be governed under our privacy policies.

Section 5:  Security

We take adequate precautions for the security of your personal data provided by the user. We follow industry best practices to maintain your data from getting destroyed, misused, altered, disclosed with any genuine reason or lost at any circumstances.

If at any point we require your credit details, the information will be encrypted by secure socket layered technology (SSL) and stored in AES-256 encryption. However, it is a fact that transmission over the internet or electronic storage is never 100% secure, there are always chances of fraud, but we follow all PCI-DSS requirement.

Cookies provide information which we track for your interest marketing. You can check more about cookies over Google cookies section how it is used by marketers for indirect marketing.

Section 6: Change in Policies

Wrapped Love reserves all the rights to change the privacy policies according to the business needs, we recommend the users to follow updated by frequently reviewing it. Modifications and changes will be implemented from the time it gets posted under privacy policies document. In case of material changes, we will notify you here with what modifications are made and how it will affect your personal data. Being our trusty users, we will provide you clarity about what data we will be collecting and how we will use it under what situations or to whom we will disclose it.

If we get affiliated or merge with any other partner we will provide adequate information about the partner and remember that your personal information may be transferred to the new partner so that we can continue to market or sell our products to you.


Wrapped love would love to hear from you if you want to access, delete, alter, provide or want to know more about any term provided in the privacy policies, please contact us at