Gifts are some precious gestures we all want. These need to be thoughtful and exclusive than extravagant and selective. This is how most people like it. We urge you to avoid bringing unwanted gifts and, especially if it is for a white elephant gift exchange. Here are we suggesting to you the best elegant and funny white elephant gift ideas.

“Go along with Us For Some Jolly Good Fun Drinks, Food, and Gift-Giving Bring a $20 Wrapped Item For a Gift Exchange”

So, you received a similar invitation? And you are preparing for it. Are you sure what you require to have an ultimate time there? If no, we are here to guide you. We are going to tell you everything you need to know about this exchange and fun-filled party. The most important component is a creative white elephant gift idea. But, before getting there, let’s get well-versed with the origin of this Yankee Swap. 

What is exactly the White Elephant Gift Exchange? Different places have distinct names for this fun party game, some call it Yankee Swap too. It is said that this tradition has been around since the time of King of Siam. White Elephants are quite respected and rare symbols in various cultures. This swapping of gifts picked up the stream in 1901 and whosoever receives the worst gift must entertain all the people. Eventually, it gained popularity when people started to give the most unwanted objects as gifts to get rid of them. These rules differ from place to place and have changed a lot with time. Playing this with friends, family, or at work is possible and takes away all the boredom. So, plan amazing fun at your place in the upcoming holidays.

Do not forget to set a specific budget for the gift exchange to get every participant on the same page, for instance- Get a plethora of white elephant gift ideas at $10. 

Some of our top picks for White Elephant Gift Exchange

1. CASOFU Burritos Blanket

Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas

Disguised gifts are the most relevant ones for witty and dirty Santa exchange. Do you wish to tune in? Get CASOFU’s Burritos Blanket, which comes in the shape of a giant flour tortilla. The super comfortable and soft family blanket throw of 60 inches or 71 inches is ideal to exchange at a great party. Made up of flannel fabric and eco-friendly dyes, this fabulous blanket is definitely a warm fleece. Blankets are of great use and anyone who gets them as a gift would be more than happy to receive them. Let your friend roll over as a burrito and get some cute photo clicks. Place your order for CASOFU’s goodwill and commitment towards customer satisfaction. PS- this product does not give much hassle for maintenance and is completely machine washable.

2. Funny Animal Paw Socks ($11), funny white elephant gift ideas

Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas

So, are you one of the naughtiest ones in your whole group? You must live up to your reputation with some insanely funny white elephant gift ideas. Don’t be confused as Funny Animal Paw Socks have got you covered and your toes too. This gift exchange is going to give a solid reason for epic laughter. Whosoever will be its receiver is going to get the greatest white elephant. These spooky socks will do a hilarious prank on your mates like you never imagined. After all, what can be better than animal Cosplay when you are gathered to tease each other? Wildest Candy has made this product exclusively for enjoyment and it has all the features to become the center of the attraction. Quality-wise also this is great as it comes with a year’s warranty and is made up of polyester, cotton, and spandex- to be super comfy. 

3. Squatty Potty The Original Bathroom Toilet Stool ($25)

Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas

Another silly white elephant gift idea for the office. Lol! Squatty Potty presents you with an original bathroom, toilet stool made up of plastic. This is going to spread some ridiculous laughter all over the event of exchanges. Trust us, you and your friends are going to laugh to the core and they are going to appreciate your hilarious exchange idea. It has a height of 7 inches and comes in white color, just like the real one. While enjoying, Squatty Potty reminds you of the doctor’s recommendation and FDA registration to make it completely safe for fun even. This is great for preventive care and offers some significant health benefits. Do you know this USA-made prank product was featured on Howard Stern and Shark Tank? Buy it to get enjoyment and advantages to the recipient. 

4. Funwares Tacosaurus, T-Rex Dinosaur Taco Stand ($15)

White Elephant Gift Ideas

How absurd is it to see a dinosaur carrying your taco dinner? Haha, this is possible with Funwares Tacosaurus, T-Rex Dinosaur Taco Stand. This green-colored beast is carrying your tacos on his back and coming roaring towards you. A great gift idea for all age groups and works great for kids. Children will enjoy this presentation during mealtime and eat out of craze. It can hold, nachos, burritos, cheese Flautas, sandwiches, waffles, Panini and so on. Funwares take care of the quality while making it and made it completely food safe. If you seek some approval, then, you can see FDA certification that declares it a BPA-free convenient serving tray. So, when are you adding the ultimate fun to your dinner table? 

5. The Screaming Goat ($8)

White Elephant Gift Ideas $10

RP Minis’s Toy edition just saved you from further hassles of seeking white elephant gift ideas at $10. They have offered a screaming goat for less than $10, which is a book as well as a figure. You must be tired of showing and fooling people with screaming goat videos. This is the time when you must be an owner of a screaming goat of your own and create some epic scenario in the Yankees exchange. It is not just a goat figurine standing over a tree stump, but a guide of 32 pages that depicts hilarious illustrations of this prank. No wonder why the goat is everyone’s favorite farm animal and ideal to use it in a funny manner. PS- this goat screams when you press it. 

6. Bathroom Guestbook ($15)

White Elephant Gift Ideas For Work

Would you like an extraordinary guestbook, for the upcoming white elephant exchange party? These is not at all forgettable things for anyone party attendee for sure. This Bathroom guest book will make each and every trip to the washroom, an ever-remembering fun experience. Make your friends write and doodle while they use your loo. This is the right place to have all the deep thoughts and write them down. It is going to be a memorable keepsake as your friends will try to be as witty as they could, giving you some precious thing forever. This knock knock book is a clever idea stamped with fun and comes with 112 pages & page markers. Can you think of something more humorous?

7. Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker ($40)

White Elephant Gift Ideas For Work

Considering household use items for the Dirty Santa exchange? Think of Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker with time and super-fast technology. This gift has a high chance of being in the best presents at any exchange party. It is easy to use with 4 steps and your custom sandwiches will be ready in no time for breakfast or brunch. Do the layering, eggs on the right plate, add bread slice, and assemble, this is how your sandwich will get ready in a few minutes. After that, you can simply wash it with a dishwasher and keep it new for future use.

8. Portable Beetle Ladybug Cartoon Mini Desktop Vacuum Desk Dust Cleaner ($10)

White Elephant Gift Ideas For Work

Gifts with awesome use are always worthy of our money. You should give all your thought to Portable Beetle Ladybug Cartoon Mini Desktop Vacuum Desk Dust Cleaner. It is one of the best white elephant gift ideas at $10 that helps you leave a stand-out mark at the party. With a significant number of satisfied buyers, this portable Beetle cleaner is great to remove dust from the keyboard on your office desk and cigarette ash dirt at home. It works on a portable AA battery and is about 10.5 * 8 * 7 cm in size. Help your mates to keep their tables cleaned and fresh with a portable Beetle cleaner with the trustworthiness of the ECSEM. 

9. Dammit Doll ($15), funny white elephant gift ideas

Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas

Finding a perfect Dammit doll at an affordable price point is now easier than before. Dammit, Doll comes with a classic stress reliever to give to your office mates and friends. You can help them via this perfect gag gift during the white elephant exchange. They are going to enjoy it and relieve their stress with it. This doll comes in various colors and brings joy along to your colleagues in a hectic schedule. After all, this is the main motive for arranging such events to spread felicity everywhere, isn’t it? Handmade goods like a dammit doll give even more happiness to the receiver and its durability is a plus for everyone. Well, an appreciable gift that everyone will adore no matter what. Are you ready to buy it? 

10. Raining Men Clear Bubble Dome Umbrella

Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas

Thinking of a perfect office white elephant gift idea? A transparent canopy will play a significant part in your praise as this is a thoughtful gift for exchange. Raining Men Clear Bubble Dome Umbrella by Maad is going to add the right element of fun and usability to any white elephant gift exchange. With an immense response in the form of customer ratings, these umbrellas stand tall with an open gliding design. Windproof design is even more helpful to the user to stay away from getting wet in rain. Maad brands offer a no-question satisfaction guarantee to their customers and help them stay dry with vogue. Buy it and play your part or ask for a refund (that won’t happen as it is great).

11. On a Scale of One to T-Rex by Exploding Kittens

White Elephant Gift Ideas

So, your friends are not so good with charades? No worries, there is a brand new game known as On a Scale of One to T-Rex by Exploding Kittens as a rescue. These were the creators of the famous game- Wolfgang Warsch and were meant for people who do not go well with Charades. An objective game gives enough intensity level to every player and excessive chances of endless laughter to all. These cards are great for adults, teenagers as well as kids as it is easy to learn and include up to 8 players. 139 cards and 58 tokens are all about the interest in this game. Honestly, any get-together or fun is empty without a game in it. How is this awesome game by Exploding Kittens and their amazing reputation in the domain?

12. Relative Insanity Party Game About Crazy Relatives

White Elephant Gift Ideas

Here is Comedian Jeff Foxworthy giving an exclusive fun game to play with your crazy people or to drive some sane people insane. Whatever, suits you! Just buy this Relative Insanity Party Game About Crazy Relatives and have a hilarious show this Yankee Exchange get-together.

This game was featured on the Tonight Show- Rachael Ray Showa and Jimmy Fallon. Made by a celebrity and played by stars, what else do you need to see how amazing is the fun-packed game? Think of a startup card it has- “Maybe you are not the father”, or “When my brother brought his new baby to the family, Granny Blurt out”… There is a lot more and you will die laughing. It is ideal for players of 14 plus of age and 12 people can play at a time. Punch lines meet with some solid multiple-choice, fill in the blanks to create a super-funny sentence. PS- you and your family can go nuts with this game. 

13. Star Wars Movie Roaring Chewbacca Wookiee Sounds Mask ($31)

White Elephant Gift Ideas

How about scaring people with Star Wars Movie Roaring Chewbacca Wookiee Sounds Mask? Lol! Maybe no one will be scared but will laugh for sure with this mask would be a funny white elephant gift idea. If your office mates are a huge fan of Wookie, they are going to a die-hard fans of your white elephant gift ideas for work too. Try it and see what happens. You can get this from Star Wars as this gift is just about opening your mouth and roaring. GRRRRWAAAARR is the sound you all are going to listen to when your colleague 5 years old is going to wear this Wookiee sound mask. Let them all roar until the Wampas come home. A perfect gift for adults as well as their kiddos for great party time. 

14. How To- Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems

White Elephant Gift Ideas

A gift alert for book lovers out there! Enjoy readings and you wish your friends to read some funny stuff? Give them New York’s best seller and makes them laugh endlessly. This can be possible by having How To: Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems by Randall Munroe. This book contains some out-of-the-box and whimsical solutions to deal with the complexity of the universe. A perfect representation of humans’ comprehending of world problems. It has a high number of reviews by readers and it is meant for a science-savvy friend, family comedian and future kid scientists. What are you waiting for, when this 320-page book is published under the Riverhead Books in the English language. 

15. Sphincter Golf Game Set 

White Elephant Gift Ideas

Even if it’s a white elephant gift idea for work or for home, any game will enhance the fun. Are you ready to add the charm of the Sphincter Golf Game Set? No doubt, this is a novelty gift and works great when used as a source of entertainment at a party. Call it Absurd or amusing, either it is nerve-wracking with laughter blasts. Everybody will be laughing at themselves and learn a great lesson of life to keep laughing no matter what. An extended level of hilarity and simple to play a game, are two main reasons why people prefer it so much as a gifting item. Sphincter Golf Game Set includes a Sphincter Golf sticker, three wooden nickels, and a stainless cup. Just buy such a lighthearted game and be ready to award your champion of this Sphincter Golf Game. PS- your friends will love it, surely. 

Be Ready To Rock And Roll With This Amazing Gift Exchange

Hush! How difficult is it to find the most perfect white elephant gift for exchange? But, we tried our best to give you some beautiful and valuable insights into extraordinarily funny white elephant gift ideas, also you may check our best collection of housewarming gifts too. Hopefully, you like them and thinking of making some significant yet budgeted gifting purchases for an upcoming happening exchange party. No matter whether you organize one or a friend, you always have our options handy. So, get all set to steal some great gifts and end up with the most adorable gift ever. PS- you must know the rules well to enjoy and participate thoroughly. 

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