With the holiday season right around the corner, gifts are all over the place. Despite wanting to desperately stuff everything into a few gift bags, you should try out wrapping gifts for a change. Wrapping is a great way to show that you care for the person enough to put the time and effort to wrap it elegantly.

Gifting presents is an activity carried out from the beginning of human civilization. It is a symbol of kindness, gratitude, and affection and also shows that you care for the person that you gift the present to. Every gift, big or small can bring a smile to the receiver’s face. And when wrapped gracefully and aesthetically the joy only increases indefinitely. The receiver feels loved and cared for.

However, wrapping gifts is an art of its own and can seem to not be everybody’s cup of tea. Ever wondered if there is a perfect way to wrap those presents so that they look amazing. If so, you are in the right place! With these simple steps, gift wrapping ideas any person can be a pro at wrapping!

Things You Need:

Wrapping Paper

Choose a beautiful color that suits the occasion and matches the mood of the person you are gifting it to. Try to stick to bright colors like red, pink, yellow, etc. Avoid the color of black as it isn’t considered to be auspicious by many folks.

Cardboard Box

In Case the gift is not cuboidal a box with be required. Even if the gift is box-shaped, it will be better if you can put it in another box so it stays clean from the sticky tape. You can use a cardboard box like a shoebox for this. If the gift is fragile, make sure the box is of similar size, because if not the gift has chances of breaking.


Transparent Tape

The Gift

Haha, you can’t start wrapping before you have your gift itself. Or else you will end up with a beautiful and breathtaking empty box, to disappoint the person receiving it. These steps gift wrapping ideas can also be useful in playing a harsh prank on your friend’s birthday.

Additional Materials for Decoration:

Using a small piece of ribbon to tie up your gift makes sure the paper stays in place and also adds a pinch of elegance to the present. Make sure your ribbon matches the color of your gift wrapping paper.

A cute bow is a gifting necessity; It instantly makes the gift look sophisticated and graceful.

To/From Tag
If you don’t have one of these do not worry. You can also use a colorful piece of paper that matches the color of your wrapping paper. This way you can also add a pinch of personalization to the present so that the recipient feels loved.

How to Wrap A gift Perfectly?

Step 1: Boxing It Up

Most gifts are not rectangular. Even if yours is, you definitely don’t want to dirty it with your sticky tape, so put it in a box. Try to put the gift in a similarly sized box. If the box is way bigger than the present then the gift might rattle and if the gift is fragile, it may even break while carrying it from one place to the other. Before you put your present inside the box, don’t forget to remove the price tag from the gift. Once you put it inside the box, tape the openings of the box so that it doesn’t open up later on.

Step 2: Measuring Your Gift Wrapping Paper

To wrap your present perfectly you need to make sure that you use only a required amount of paper. If you cut out a piece that is too small or too big it will result in shabby wrapping. To cut an accurate amount of paper, lay the gift down horizontally on a hard floor. Now cut a piece which is a little more than twice the length of the gift.

Step 3: Wrapping it Up

Now place the gift at the center of the gift-wrapping paper with the top of the gift facing the wrapping paper. Now tape one side of the paper to the center of the box. And bring the other side of the paper towards the box and tape it such that it overlaps the taped part. Now the paper should cover four continuous sides of the box.

Step 4: It’s a Wrap To the Wrapping!

Now you will find the edges of the wrapping paper sticking out on two sides. Tuck any two opposite corners of the box inwards such that they hug the corners of the box. After completing this you will observe two triangular pieces of wrapping paper still sticking out from each side. Now push both the triangular flaps down and tape one down and then secure the other down to the box. Repeat the same process on the opposite side as well.

Step 5: Decorating

Now Since you have successfully wrapped your gift, it’s time to decorate it. You should always add the attractive embellishments towards the top of the gift. This site should not have any creases or tape residue. You can Stick a to/from tag here. If you don’t have one, you can even just stick a normal colorful piece of paper with to/from details written. You can personalize this tag by adding a special handwritten note for the person you care for. You can further decorate the gift by wrapping a ribbon around the box and taping it down. If you have a cute sticky bow you can stick it directly on top of the ribbon so that it looks like an extension of the ribbon.

You have now successfully wrapped your gift perfectly! With easy gift wrapping ideas hope this easy and simple method was resourceful. Share it with your friends and family so that you get such elegant gifts from them next time

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