None of us is born lucky. To become successful making significantly right choices are very important. People often lack confidence and end up in messy situations. If you know someone who simply gets puzzled up in chaos, then the least you can do is to help boost them up. Do you know an enchanting way to encourage them and wish them the best of luck? Trust us, good luck gifts are simply irreplaceable for this purpose. There is a long list of these spellbinding gifts that will take your best wishes to your closed ones with no hefty costs. After all, to nurture relationships, friendships or even acquaintances, you need to buy those expensive gifts, only your generosity is enough.

These amazing gesture of love and care, carry forward your true intentions and positive energy to the recipient. This concept is not all new and relatively ancient as Chinese artists curate awesome Feng Shui gifts to bring felicity and charm in homes as well as in the life of people. Quite more than often, You must have bought a laughing Buddha statue from the market with the hopes that it brings good luck. You do it because you know there is no harm in dabbling in a little superstition that draws joy in your life. It is all about believing- whether it is concerned with luck, destiny, or fortune. So, why not get some inexpensive yet precious gifts for your loved ones and hope to see miracles happening in their lives?

Looking for some suggestions? Look no further, we have got you covered with our list:

1. Hundred River Friendship Anchor Compass Necklace 

Gift your lovely lady, sister, mother, all the possibility to explore different places with this sweet accessory. This necklace of Guardian Angel will grant one wish once your girl will put on this beautiful necklace. This neckpiece is going to be a perfect reminder of adventure, courage, incredible experiences and success. In short, this a pure essence of pursuing goals and is a perfect gift for any occasion or otherwise. All you have to pay for this Baydurcan anchor compass is $7.99 only. Yes, it comes with a gift card too, so write your heart down, boy!

2. Crocon Seven Chakra Natural Healing Gemstone Crystal Bonsai 

What can be better than giving blessings with some good luck of wealth and prosperity? Undeniably, money is imperative and we all need it. This Crocon seven chakra gemstone crystal bonsai fortune money tree is all your mates in their home and office for good luck. Ideally, this handmade gemstone tree should be placed in a space to make energy float. Make positivity bloom inside your closed one’s home and workplace. Suggest them to place it in the living area, office or even entrance hall, and they will thank you for the peace that will experience later. Okay, let us tell you about a surprise, get this amazing tree made according to you with customization option. Give good look to your mates and stimulate their chakras with this natural gemstone tree containing- Amethyst, Carnelian, Red Jasper, Clear Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Yellow Aventurine, Green Aventurine. An ideal Feng Shui gift, we must conclude with.  

3. Lucky Little Elephant Charm with Story Card!

Since ancient times, people believe elephants are lucky and so are their miniatures. There is everything right about gifting a lucky little elephant charm to your peers that comes with a story card. It can be a pocket charmer, or placed on a shelf and remarked as a sign of wishing “best of luck”. This creative ting baby elephant has its trunk lifted all to ensure better chances of good luck. Strength, stability, wisdom as well as power are some of the symbols of such epitomes of nice luck. Get ready to hear “ What a thoughtful gift, thanks” from your recipient. 

4. Birthstone charms

Not just in China, but also everywhere else, people wear birthstone in different ways to get stuck with good luck charm. Protection from intoxication, these stones are based on astrological beliefs. For instance- Topaz help November born to rise and it is a tradition to gift Scorpio sign with jewelry containing this birthstone. AJ’s personified and personalized silver round name charm necklace with Swarovski birthstone are just the right gifting idea. This mesmerizing piece for the is meant for the gorgeous charm and keep zodiac signs on the track of good luck. Great quality and perfection are two promises of this custom made goodness for your lovely Bae. Grab that great and lucky destiny for your lady love asap. 

5. 1 Ganz Twice the Luck Clover and Lady Bug Charm

Good Luck gifts

Seeking for a perfect Good Luck Gourmet? Well, how about a ladybug charm with luck clover? Seems fantastic, isn’t it? This gift choice is going to double the luck of your recipient for sure. Good fortune is in the Hitlist of this amazing gifting gesture. Tell them to hold on to it, keep it in your pocket, or place it on a shelf, these two luck symbols are going to show some real magic for your good fortune. Extra luck is not going to harm any of you! So, when are you getting it for someone special? PS- it comes with a story card too. 

6. Live Lucky Bamboo

Any of your friends are lacking positive energy? Make them start feeling peaceful and happy within the energized surroundings of live lucky Bamboo. Love, health and prosperity will come as a bonus. Plants are always good for us and indoor ones are great means of beauty as well as enchanting home décor. Also, do not forget, Feng Shui supports Lucky Bamboo as an extremely lucky and thoughtful present. It is like any day gift to give to your loved one and make their day and days to come. The best part about Bamboos is their ‘easy to grow’ nature and killing them is quite difficult. So, these plants are going nowhere and can help your friend to thrive for years. Buy it and gift it today to your lovely beings.

7. Kotobuki Maneki Neko Charm

Leave your recipient in awe with a Japanese Kotobuki Maneki Neko Charm. What can be cuter than a kitty offering good health and good luck? There are a story and belief behind this collectible figurine gifting item. This folktale is about a shop owner who gained good luck after start feeding a stray cat. How that cat later turned out all misfortunes of the shop owner with one paw beckoning. Since then, Japanese artisans have been creating these beautiful miniatures for people to gift as a sign of the best of luck. This cheerful, lovely cat appeals to everyone to date and is considered as a great gift for a businessman. Ask your friend to just place it in their shop and she is going to care of all bad lucks making their way towards their venture.


The guardian of good Feng Shui- the tortoise brings luck all the way to your home. Yes, a Chinese Feng Shui gifting tortoise, turtle glass statue is all your negative acquaintance need. This gift can be life-changing with positive properties for your closest one. It is intentionally kept transparent to let it attract the color of the Rainbow and spread it everywhere in the recipient’s house. Longevity and good health are two features of this product and turtles in general. Also, gift this to your friend, who is looking for a Vastu correction aid and harmonize their surroundings. Let them attain the purified power of a tortoise without having a take care of a real and living one.

9. Good Luck Pocket Charm (Horseshoe)

Guys, watch your way when another ladybug makes its way to your life. Yes, this formula of doubling goodness and best of luck charm in your lives comes with a Horshoe. Give it your friend or your better half and make them believe in miracles all over again. They’ll make a wish and carry it around and let this charming work for them. Nothing can beat happiness and joy when it comes to gifting something meaningful. This gift, my dear friend, your lovable people are going to cherish for centuries to come. Just buy and try it once by placing it in an appropriate place.

10. Good Luck Dolphins Statue Gifts- by Crystal Collection

Crystal Collection brings an amazing idea to please your lovely friends or family with a thoughtful gift. Good luck Dolphins are not new but are surely adorable like always. Among all Good Luck Gourmet ideas, this one of the colorful and eye-catching one. Whether it is a New year, birthday, or Christmas, giving this decorative accessory is totally inn. Dolphins are great paragons of hope, guidance, and protection. So, without any resist giving this good omen to your loved ones and let them figure out the differences with immense belief.

Grab Some Awesome Inexpensive Gifts For Your Lovely People

These fabulous Feng Shui gift ideas are great to send some good luck to someone and it is definitely better than those expensive gifts with no meaning attached. Remember, with these, you are sending your purest of the feeling that surely has a purpose of bringing felicity to the recipient. PS- such good luck gifts are worthy of keeping as a fantastic collection and remembered for years to come. 

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