Being surrounded by epicures is a quite happening way of living a good life. People who cherish good food always have a tendency to appreciate everything and live passionately. If you are a food lover or befriend a lot of foodies, then all the information in this blog would please you a lot. Today we are talking about the best gifts for foodies. We know you and your amigos enjoy life by giving treats to your taste buds. Before we dig into gifting options for foodies, let’s know why food lovers are great.

Why Is It Great To Be A Food Lover?

Being a foodie is just like having a passion for some hobby like- singing, painting, or sports. This immense love for food can never go off the trend. Food lovers often love to read, cook, and eat distinct types of flavors. They find a different kind of felicity, when they try new cuisine. Having a food lover friend is always great as you will never end up with a bad experience with food. Eat out with your foodie friend and see how excitingly they will cherish every bite of the food they’ll have. Trust us, if you are not a foodie yet you will soon become one with the continuous company of an epicure and while finding an appropriate gift for your foodie mate.

So, are you ready to give an amazing treat to your eyes by reading related to fascinating presents for foodies first? PS- We are sure your amigo will definitely enjoy the idea of you presenting a bakery basket as a gift.  

Consider These Gifts For A Foodie Friend That They Love For Sure

1. Urban Accents MOVIE NIGHT™ Popcorn Kernels and Popcorn Seasoning Variety Pack

Foodies often enjoy watching movies while eating some snacks. Movie night will be fulfilled with bakery gift basket delivery for your food lover amigo. Urban Accents Movie Night popcorn kernels and seasoning is the healthiest option for snacking. This can be a perfect gift for any occasion and the best part is all the packs of kernels are non-GMO. There are flavors like- sweet and salty, lime, Sriacha, caramel, cheddar-cheese, which are delightful enough for a healthy treat during an interesting movie. You can always opt for this fabulous gourmet cooking option, all the way from the company based in Chicago, which is well-known for its great quality. PS- It’s possible and in fact, sheer intelligence to use those popcorn seasoning for sprinkling over nuts, chips, and potatoes.

2. Foodie Dice® No. 1 Seasonal Dinners

Foodie Dice presents a special seasonal dinner engraved wood dice for cooking inspiration. This unique cooking gift for foodies is ideal for date night as well as among the amigos. We personally believe in the authenticity of the products available on Amazon and these dice are sold by ‘Two tumbleweeds Store’. The store is well-known for its excellence in crafting unique and creative goods in Arizona. But, the best part is their offerings are available worldwide at Amazon. Whenever you or your food enthusiast people feel confused about what to cook, they can simply roll a dice and find a great option to go ahead with. Isn’t it an interesting meal planning right here? Just check it out on Amazon and we are sure you will be amazed at this way of planning your meals.

3. Whole Foods Market Gift Card

Planning to give a great gift to your foodie friend? Well, nothing beats a simple yet meaningful Whole Foods Market gift card. It is the best kind of privilege to let a foodie buy food from the best source. This highly useful gift card is available in distinct designs to serve its user with cuteness. You can choose to give $25 to $200 as a gift card and allow them to buy their favorite food. This way of flexible gifting does not leave any room for disliking and your friend will adore the idea of having such a nice present from you. So, what are your thoughts on this gifting option?

4. Organic Bamboo Wooden Spoons

Always remember the gifts for foodies are never limited to the food items only. The presents for food lovers surely comprise of cooking equipment. You can surely good fancy with the organic bamboo wooden spoons. The DaceStar Store on Amazon offers a high-quality organic bamboo wooden set of 5 spoons. These spoons are available in four themes- Magic, Star War, Kitchen Décor, and Nightmare and all look real classy as the engravings on the wood. Extraordinary thickness and strength is the main offering of this eco-friendly spoon set. It is a big yes from us to opt for this unique and stylish gift for your foodie friend on any occasion.

5. Biscotti Cookies Gift Basket

Are you demanding a bakery gift basket delivery for your lovely foodie sister? Well, Oh! Nuts Store on Amazon has got you covered with the most unique Biscotti cookie gift basket. There are two options, you can either go for a chocolate-covered biscotti or chocolate cookie gift basket. We recommend buying a basket as there will be 20 assorted sandwich cookies decorated with distinct flavors. The basket is organized in a trendy way and has separate sections to showcase the beauty of each biscotti. We loved the luscious rich taste of the cookies and its creamy chocolate flavor is contrasting the entire bliss. Why don’t you try it yourself and gift your friend these yummy goodies?

6. Dulcet Gift Basket Deluxe Gourmet Food Gift Basket

Dulcet Gift Basket Store provides some dope gifts for foodies. You can check out their baskets containing assorted brownies, muffins, and crumb cakes Rugelah. The main flavors used in their gourmet goods are Raspberry, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Cheese, and Blueberry. You can dazzle the recipient with 4 tastiest brownies, 1 chocolate crumb cake, 1 old-fashioned crumb cake, 2 blueberry muffins, and a ½ Rugelah as a part of this exotic basket. This gift basket can be perfect for an anniversary, birthday, or any other occasion, and the freshness is always guaranteed by the store. This is the first thought that people have when they think about basket gift ideas.

7. Foodie Fight: A Trivia Game With Gameboard and Cards

How about if you give your food connoisseur a way to enjoy in his or her domain? Yes, you can call all your epicure friends and let them be on board with this foodie fight trivia game. This is indeed one of the best gifts for foodies if you wish to buy something other than the food. They can strut their culinary stuff via this game board and cards. There are 1000 questions related to culinary and food and this game gives a great chance to the food lover to showcase their knowledge of food. They have to think and answer fast to fill their game board and the fastest one to fill the game board wins. This game is suitable for 13 years old and up. It weighs around 1 pounds and has a dimension of 7 x 3.13 x 5 inches. You can check it out on Amazon for more details.

8. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 electric pressure cooker is no less than bliss for a bon-vivant. Yes, this is one of the perfect gift ideas for foodies as they can cook their favorite food in this cooker with ease and in a healthy manner. You can choose from 3qt, 6qt, and 8qt sizes according to the requirement of your amigo. The capacity of the cooker ranges as per the size and the highest quality of stainless steel is used as the material for this kitchen equipment. It has the functionality of a yogurt maker, steamer, food warmer, rice cooker, and pressure cooker. Nothing beats the 70 percent fast cooking technology of this cooker. This cooker is perfect for larger families and for proper meal prepping. Just check it out on Amazon and get amazed by the versatility of this cooking pot.

9. KLL Funny Kitchen Tea Towels Foodie Housewarming Gift

Kitchen décor is another best gift for foodies that can allure anyone pretty quickly. KLL Store available on Amazon offers amazing kitchen tea towels set with funky wording. It is made of the highest quality polyamide and polyester. There are no falls of feathers and no distortion at all from these machine washable kitchen towels. You can help your amigo to upgrade their kitchen with the cute addition of these towels. These are available in the moderate size of 16 x 23.5 inches, which makes them highly convenient to use. Give it as a perfect gift for a housewarming or any other occasion. This present is surely one of the best ones which are recommended from our end for your food enthusiast friend.

10. Ninja Foodi AG301 5-in-1 Indoor Electric Countertop Grill with 4-Quart Air Fryer

Looking for some great gift ideas for foodies? Well, this Ninja Foodi indoor electric countertop grill will not disappoint you at all. This is ideal equipment to bake, air fry, roast distinct food items. This beauty is available in black and silver color. It has a great capacity of 4 Quarts with a weight of 14.5 pounds. This indoor electric countertop grill uses a 500 degree F of cyclonic air to cook the food perfectly. The best part is this equipment is easy to clean and is completely PTFE/PFOA-free. You will get a Ninja Foodi Grill, 4-qt. Crisper Basket, Chef-created 15-recipe book & cleaning brush and 10 x 10 grill grate, etc. What is your take on this Ninja kitchen device?

11. Fairy Love Eco Goodies Box Foodie Gourmet Gift

Do you know Earth Market is quite renowned for offering gifts for foodie friends? Well, you can check out this store on Etsy that offers fairly love the Eco goodie box that contains the best gourmet gift. You can opt for the eco as well as the deluxe Balsamic for this goodie set. It contains local organic preserves like jams, chutneys, jellies, salts, syrups, and organically grown fruits. Apart from this, there is a raw sun-dried harvest herbal tea blend, metal tea strainer, beeswax Tealight candle, and natural guest-size soap bars. This beautiful box can bring felicity in the lives of its recipient and you should definitely give it a try.

12. What the Pho, Sarcastic Sweatshirt, Funny Sweatshirt Foodie Gift

Blue Ocean Apparel store on Etsy has got some amazing gift ideas for foodies. They have some pretty sarcastic sweatshirts for the foodies. The best part is these sweatshirts are available in size from small to 2xl and it is for both men and women. Even all the standard color options are available in this sweatshirt, like- white, black, royal, navy, golden, etc. It is a handmade cotton and polyester sweatshirt with fancy words imprinted on it. Just have a look at this amazing gifting option available at a great online store with the trust of Etsy.

13. Sea Urchin Ceramic Bowl

The Element Clay Studio is quite famous on Etsy as a provider of top-notch gift options for a foodie friend. This star seller of Etsy offer handmade ceramic dish with a bamboo spoon for a presentable yet healthy serving of food. The best part is about this dish its making. It is made by molding in fine porcelain clay and that too from a real sea urchin. This dish is also adorned with 18k gold hand painted trim that is the main highlight of this vibrant gifting item. These dishes are not just pretty versatile when the food is served but also looks nice as a décor among other serving sets in any household. PS- Your amigo or even you can use it to hold sugar, salts, or even rings or trinkets.

14. Mini Cheese Kit – Farmers Cheese & Ricotta

Finding some great gifts for a foodie friend over Etsy is pretty easy due to the availability of the stores like- Urban Cheese Craft. This mini cheese kit for farmers is a nice option for a food lover. They can make numerous dishes by using this cheese & ricotta made from cow or goat milk. It is handmade with love by using non-GMO citric acid, unbleached cotton fine-mesh cheesecloth, flake salt, and a recyclable box. This cheese can be bought in different quantities and would be of great use with distinct veggies. Any foodie would be delightful to receive such a pack of goodness. You should give it a try!

So, We Have Sorted Your List of Best Gifts For Foodies!

Giving food as gifts steer all the generic present ideas and you can be pretty creative in gifting initiative. All the above-given options allow you to showcase how much you understand the love of your foodie friend for food. They will be very happy to be the recipient of their favorite snack basket as a gift. This versatile list is helpful even when you decide you give a present to a chef who has got everything covered in the food domain. So, do not think further and go ahead with one or two options from the above best gifts for foodies. Happy Buying!

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