Just because you are too lazy to pack a gift up that does not mean you will miss a magical moment. The time when your loved ones open your gift, you can get some unforgettable gestures and expressions from them. Trust us, this is way more priceless than your gift. All in all, we are trying to say that more than often these DIY gift wrapping ideas can give unexpected happiness to your dear one. It is rightly said that- “Wrapping converts an ordinary thing into a wonderful gift”. Whether it’s a holiday season or any festival- gifts are sweet tokens of love and you must not refrain from showing your best affection. Do you wish to add that hint of excitement on every occasion to present a gift? Here is a guide to facilitate you with amazing ideas in the same context.

Perfect Gift And Packaging Go Hand In Hand

1. The scientific and psychological reason for wrapping gifts up

According to various studies conducted so far, the gifts make the recipient happy, but when it comes to a well-wrapped position- they create an aura of secrecy. In short, it influences the recipients in a lot of ways, and wrapped gifts get a more favorable rating than other presents. Even, psychology supports the anticipation of the receiver when their gifts arrive in a fancy box with a beautiful ribbon on the top. They have a different kind of feeling while peeling off the tape and removing the rest of the pack. For most of the people, the festivals are all about bright lights and DIY gift wrapping ideas- all the glitter and shine make them super excited. Therefore, gift wraps matter a lot when it comes to determining the attitude of the recipient towards the present.

DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

2. Top gift wrapping ideas

  • A personal touch- Whether it is the gift itself or its packing- the personalization does not leave its important role. What can be more impressive than all the love & care presented by your own hands via easy gift wrapping ideas! Take a wrapping paper and mold it in a way you like- a little creature like a mouse, for instance. PS- Do not forget to add your handwritten note on the above. 
  • Make use of fabric- You can never go wrong with the flowers made of fabric over the top of your gift wrap in different colors. This is going to please a nature lover to the core and he or she will appreciate your idea of making such a beautiful artificial flower. 
  • Create riddles- Yes, why stick to old packing colors when room for creativity is endless? You can turn your ordinary white paper into an interesting word search wrap paper. It is more of like two in one gift and he or she would do a little brainstorming before opening their gift. 
  • Customization at its best- Have you wondered how to leave your loved one awe with DIY gift wrapping ideas other than the present? Photo paper wrapping can make it possible and your recipient will keep the paper always close to their heart. Get a beautiful photo of you and them together- Voila! You are all set to blow their mind. 
  • Be creative with watercolors- Imagine those fabulous neon shades all over your wrap- just soothing for the receiver. A simple and the most happening packing for gifts ever. Trust us, it is an amazing DIY art project that would surely please your dear friend. 

3. Apply hiding trick for the ultimate surprise 

Do you wish to get such a wrapping for your gift that doesn’t leak out your secret until the recipient opens a gift? Perhaps, you look for a hidden treasure kind of thing that will please your dear one! To make this happen, you must skip the paper and use the other DIY stuff for packing your present. Use some wool to serve the purpose, cardboard, plastic boxes, in a scarf, or sweater sleeves and endless other ways. The idea to make it completely unpredictable what is inside the pack and leave them wondering- is it really a gift?

4. Make a gifting bag and put everything in it

If you are struggling to make a gift bag from wrapping paper, then this short guide would be of great help for you. Wrapping paper, tape, scissors, and ribbons are all you will require. Begin by measuring your gift and cut the paper accordingly. After that, fold & tape each side of the paper and make sure to fold the edges properly. Lastly, just place the gift in it and secure it with the ribbon by making holes with a hole puncher. Easy, right? Try it.

5. How to decorate a gift bag

If you created a bag already or you brought a simple one from the market, then we here to tell how to wrap a present perfectly. Just like the making of the gift wrap bag, the process to decorate is quite hassle-free. 

  • Stamps can go a long way in every occasion gift and you can decorate it with versatile wishes written over the stamp. 
  • Spray painted foliage is one of the unique ideas to turn a boring bag into an intriguing piece of art. It would be pleasant if you make use of leaves or plants as stencils for spraying colors and leaving beautiful imprints. 
  • Bows can add that simple yet incredibly extraordinary impression on your plain gifting bag. 
  • Print pictures over the bag can be another gesture to bring a smile on your loved one’s face.

Try these ideas and see the difference of before and after instantly. 

DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

Bring Your Creativity To The Table

You cannot waste your days of hunting when you were searching for an amazing gift, just because of a not so impressive DIY gift bag. These papers or bags are not just a bunch of bows and fancy items- but way more than that. We hope our exclusive guide on the DIY gift wrapping ideas was helpful for you. Why don’t you select an intriguing present and even more exciting wrapping paper? This is how you will unturn all the stones to impress your dear one. They should be wondering- what you could get for them. You can also impress them by wrapping a gift box we will teach you how to wrap a box. All the best.

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