Marriage doesn’t just mean “Being Together” but constantly establishing care, love, support, hopes, dreams, and emotions in the relationship. It is a journey of ups and downs of various seasons of life yet sticking to each other through thick and thin, and to show your partner that you love and value them, wedding anniversaries are the best occasions. And if it is your 1st anniversary, it should be celebrated with the perfect 1 year anniversary gifts.

If the day that puts a pin on the calendar of your “happy 1st anniversary” is approaching, you must be on your toes looking for appealing anniversary gifts for couples, or your wife or husband. Right from painting the town red to a lovey-dovey date, here are 15 adorable 1 year anniversary gifts you can choose from:

1. Portrait from Photo

1 Year Anniversary Gifts

If you are looking for a delightful gift for your better half, wear your heart on your sleeves and give her this beautiful portrait from a photo gift. It is an amazing high-end quality art derived from a photograph (of you both and your partner). Moreover, the masterpiece comes with The Pine Wood Kiln Frame that is crafted from a long-lasting solid material that adds to the overall beauty of the canvas. Digitally printed with love, the portrait is carefully packed and delivered at your doorstep. Surely, the portrait from the photo will serve as the perfect gift for the 1st wedding anniversary and your soulmate will cherish it forever.

2. Airbnb Gift Cards

1 Year Anniversary Gifts

Getting this Airbnb gift card is one of the best 1 year anniversary gifts one can ever think of. Airbnb Gift cards are the unique way of celebrating your anniversary outdoors. You can choose your favorite destination to spend the weekend with your partner. Your 1st anniversary is special and therefore it must be celebrated in a special way with Airbnb Gift Cards. These digital cards are directly emailed to you and you can redeem them easily whenever you are going on a vacation or simply thinking of visiting fun places for your anniversary on weekends. So, pick an Airbnb Gift card now and celebrate the rejuvenating downtime remembering your wedding day with the love of your life.

3. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera

1 Year Anniversary Gifts

If your partner is an aspiring photographer or you wish to choose a smart gadget for a couple who loves to take photographs then nothing would be greater than picking Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera among 1st-year anniversary gifts. With an array of advanced specialties, it comes with amazing, stylish, and retro camera designs. Along with this, it includes features like macro mode, bulb mode, and double exposure that enhance photographic creativity and click a beautiful photograph. If the user wants to click fast-moving objects, Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera is the best camera to take fine shots with fast shutter speed. Developed under the concept “Neo-Classic”, this adorable camera device helps in taking expressive photos.

4. Terrarium & Fairy Garden Plants

The most significant way of displaying your love is to show your partner that they are important to you and you care for them. Therefore, gifting Terrarium & Fairy garden plants is a wonderful idea to surprise your partner. It is a way of telling your partner that you wish your relationship to keep nurturing like the plant while adding care, love, and responsibility as put down roots. You can select from a variety of plants that come in a polished terrarium that adorns the plant even more. Carefully packed and delivered to your doorstep, these Terrarium & Fairy garden plants that grow to love. You can keep it in your living room, drawing room, bedroom, or at your office desk. 

5. Stars Align Personalized Wind Sculpture

Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Do you want to tell your soulmate that he/she holds your universe? Well, what can be a more amazing way to tell it with this star align personalized wind sculpture? With every breeze, the wind sculpture will twirl making rhythmic tones. These appealing musical swings will get your loved one to treasure your love more than ever. Besides, it can be customized by carving your names and wedding date giving a major personalized look. Let the wind chimes designed with aligned stars, hearts, and a crescent moon spins your love in one orbit. So, celebrate your union with your spouse by gifting her/him adorable stars aligned with personalized wind sculpture.

6. Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Surprise your significant half on your 1 year anniversary with this cute Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger. You can convey your heartfelt messages with the easy-to-use app. Every time you deliver a message to your wife/husband, the chunky heart on the wooden box will spin to notify him/her that they have a lovely message to read. And the moment they open the box, they can read your message on the screen. Isn’t this amazing? This modern take on the classic love note is surely going to melt your partner’s heart. So, this Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger is not only a cute present but a unique gift to mark your happy 1st anniversary.

7. Nordstrom Gift Card

Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Are you still confused to choose a gift for your partner on your first wedding anniversary? If yes, this Nordstrom Gift Card will serve the best purpose to give your better half. Nordstrom is a leading retailer that offers a wide range of fashionable and stylish apparel, shoes, cosmetics, accessories, and whatnot. The online fashion store ( and Nordstrom Rack store provide a large spectrum of quality products from renowned brands and designer acquisitions. Furthermore, the shopping experience is seamless and customer-friendly which means that your partner can shop inspiring fashion products without any hassle.

8. Wedding Pebble Portrait

Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Do you want to give your partner something unusual yet close to nature? Then, wedding pebble portraits are the best gift you can ever think of on your 1st anniversary. This is Windy Pund’s pebble art that describes your wedding story. The artist uses found seashells, flowers, a fine piece of woods, and pebbles. It is a comical handmade beautiful gift that will undoubtedly appeal to your loved one. Filled with emotions, the wedding pebble portrait is an ideal way to celebrate love and care with your better half. Also, the wedding pebble portrait can be customized according to your taste in art.

9. Fossil The Minimalist 3H Box Set

If you are a couple madly in love and have the craze of matching accessories then this fossil the minimalist 3H box set. This is a timeless gift that you can give your partner. The amazing black dial comes with Stainless steel case. Also, these Fossil watches are water-resistant and scratch-resistant. Moreover, if you are looking for perfect anniversary gifts for couples with great precision, the watch set is the perfect go. Although made up of high-end materials, the watches are lightweight and give an elegant look. So, Fossil The Minimalist 3H Box set is an excellent gift either you are choosing for your spouse or for the couple who are on the way to mark the first year anniversary milestone.

Traditional 1st-anniversary gift:

1st wedding anniversaries are special. So you must go the extra mile with these traditional gifts to celebrate one year of love, care, and cute fights. Notably, traditional gifts are aligned with the year and the material they are made of. So, traditional gifts to celebrate 1st year of marriage are made of paper. Today, you can find many traditional gifts for him or her or your spouse who love archaic and classic things. But the more choices can often lead to confusion. Therefore, we have listed the top-most traditional 1st-anniversary gifts that your partner will love. To make these gifts more artistic, you can add a bouquet from the favorite flowers of your partner.

1. Box of Date night cards

Happy 1st Anniversary

Made out of love and particularly designed for couples celebrating their one year of married life, the box of date night cards are the perfect romantic present for 1st wedding anniversary. This unique box has 51 cards with whimsical date ideas and five cards are empty so that you and your partner can create unique cute dreamy date ideas that you have ever wished for. The best thing is that every card is in a sealed envelope so therefore, each card will be a surprise! Moreover, this box of date night cards is just like a fun game that arrives super fast and delivered right at your door.

2. Personalized Love Letter & Card

Happy 1st Anniversary

If you are looking for a meaningful yet traditional gift that you can give to your wife or husband then this Personalized love letter & card is an ultimate gift on the first marriage anniversary. Because writing love letters is considered the most romantic way of expressing love and your partner will be amazed to get a love letter and a card on your first anniversary. Also, you can get engraved a romantic poem, quote, or an amorous message up to 200 words on the card. The fine-quality paper card comes with a small metal heart sealed with your personalized wax stamp. This handcrafted love letter and card by PaperJewelryDesign is one of the most amazing gifts for your partner.

3. Precious Moments, A Whole Year Filled With Special Moments

Happy 1st Anniversary

Every newlywed couple wishes to keep their love bustling and growing with each passing year. If you want to celebrate your 1st anniversary cherishing everything that you learned and admire about your partner, this precious moment gift is the story of a whole year filled with special moments. When your soulmate will see this heartfelt figurine, without a doubt, he or she will fall in love with this marvelous gift. The tiny statuette has a heart with 1 engraved on it which means the first anniversary of your marriage. This is the cutest hand-painted present showing that you are head over the heels in love with your better half.

4. Wedding Anniversary Book

Happy 1st Anniversary

The other fabulous traditional 1 year anniversary gifts that you can pick is this wedding anniversary book. If you are so happy to accomplish one year of a successful marriage with your love then this is the most thoughtful gift to celebrate and value the bond of love with your spouse. This thick high-quality booklet commemorates the love and special moments that you both have shared. So, to honor your loved one and the quality time you have spent with her or him, present the wedding anniversary book decorated with lively stickers that give it a more personalized look. Certainly, your partner would not stop smiling while reading it. 

5. Unique Handmade Paper Rose

Happy 1st Anniversary

Rose is the traditional way to speak and express your love for someone. So, gifting this unique handmade paper rose is a great way to let your partner know how much you admire him or her. Also, silently convey them that during this one year of happy married life, you feel blessed with the best. Besides, this beautiful traditional gift is more memorable and unique. Delicately hand-made, this black paper rose exactly looks like a real rose which may last for 3+ years. Also, you can make a rustic bouquet from a number of handmade paper roses to present to your soulmate on happy 1st anniversary.

6. Gift Card in a Greeting Card

Happy 1st Anniversary

The custom of sending greeting cards is thought to have originated since ancient times. Till date, gift cards are precious presents to receive on special occasions. Now, what if getting a greeting card that holds a gift card too? You will surprisingly be on cloud nine. So, when thinking about giving an imaginative gift to your only one on 1st anniversary, then gifting this gift card in a greeting card is the bright traditional 1 year anniversary gifts. The most amazing thing, the gift card has no expiry dates and has free one-day shipping. Moreover, you can also add a romantic gift message along with the card. How romantic! Isn’t it?

Marriages are made in heaven and marriage anniversary gifts are planned on earth. If you are planning to pick up super adorable 1 year anniversary gifts, these are the top-notch gift options that you can choose for your better half or a couple who are about to commemorate their big day anniversary. After all, it’s your first wedding anniversary and the gift to celebrate your love and special moments should be special. Besides these gifts, you must let your loved one know how much you value him/her. Make it a day filled with care, respect, love, and a surprise gift.

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